Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


A school improvement team or any professional staff member, through a school improvement team, may submit a proposal for an innovative program.

When a proposal is presented, it should be forwarded to the principal.

Each proposal should contain a clear, adequate statement on each of the following:

 A.Need - including importance relative to District/school goals.

 B.Expected Result - including a description of how students, staff, or the District will be different as a result of the project.

 C.Time Requirements - including any suggestions on how requirements can be met.

 D.Personnel Requirements - including types, qualifications, costs, and possible availability.

 E.Facilities/Equipment Requirements - including type, costs, and possible availability.

 F.Strategies/Methodologies - including evidence of effectiveness in other settings.

 G.Schedules - including suggestions for ameliorating any disruptions to current programs and schedules.

 H.Evaluation - including what criteria and standards will be used to judge the success or worthiness of the project.

 I.Follow-Up - including what could or should happen if the project results do or do not meet expectations.

After all of the above has been completed and the written approval or denial forwarded to the Superintendent, s/he shall review the proposal with relevant parties. If appropriate, a presentation to the Board may be arranged.

If approval is forthcoming and the project is implemented, a written evaluation by the professional staff involved will be prepared at a stage mutually agreed upon.

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