Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


The District has established a school improvement process which will function under the leadership of the District School Improvement Team. The Team will consist of:

 A.the Superintendent from District administration;

 B.the principal, one (1) staff member, and one (1) parent from the elementary school level;

 C.the principal, one (1) staff member, and one (1) parent from the middle school level;

 D.the principal, one (1) staff member, and one (1) parent from the high school level.

There will be a School Improvement Team at each building under the leadership of the principal and consisting of members of the community.

The purpose of the School Improvement Teams is to focus on programs and procedures which can help the District achieve its educational mission and which meet one (1) or more of the following criteria:

 A.will result in a more effective use of existing resources

 B.will strengthen students' and/or staff members' willingness to participate productively in the academic and other activities of the school

 C.will articulate effectively with programs and/or activities which students will need to participate in at the next learning level in order to successfully accomplish their educational goals

 D.are sustainable using existing resources or those that the school or District can obtain for long-term use

Each school is to establish a three (3) to five (5) year improvement plan which shall:

 A.identify adult roles for which students will need to be prepared;

 B.identify the education and skills students will need to fulfill the adult roles;

 C.determine the extent to which the school's curriculum is providing adequate opportunity for students to acquire the skills needed to fulfill the adult roles;

 D.identify the changes (or additions) that need to be made in the curriculum in order for students to develop (and apply) the education and skills to fulfill adult roles;

 E.identify the specific means by which the curriculum changes will be made and implemented;

 F.develop alternative means and methods for providing reliable and valid assessment of each student's ability to demonstrate achievements, skills, and competencies;

 G.provide strategies for integrating evolving technology into the school's curriculum;

 H.provide age-appropriate opportunities for structured on-the-job learning to be combined with classroom instruction.

In developing the school's plan, the school improvement team should make use of the following administrative guidelines:

 A.AG 2250 for preparing proposals for new or revised programs and projects

 B.AG 2210C and Form 2210 F1 for analyzing the quality of the school's current learning programs to determine needed changes and/or additions to programs

 C.AG 2252 for developing plans

 D.AG 2210D for identifying adult roles and identifying prerequisite knowledge and skills for fulfilling adult roles

 E.AG 2605 and AG 2624B for providing authentic assessment of student learning

 F.AG 2210 and AG 2131 for designing or redesigning learning programs

All proposals for new programs or extensive revision of existing programs are to be developed according to AG 2250 and submitted by school improvement teams to the District Improvement Team, which in turn, shall submit them to the Superintendent and the Board for final approval by no later than August 1st. Once approved by the Board, each school's plan will be made available to the State Department of Education prior to September 1st of each year.