Britton Deerfield School District
Administrative Guidelines


Prior to making any offer of employment to a new applicant, the following procedure is to be used for electronic fingerprinting services for applicant background checks:



The applicant will be asked to arrange for fingerprinting with the entity or agency which uses fingerprinting procedures acceptable to the Michigan State Police.



The fingerprinting agency will provide the applicant with a date and location of the procedure.



The applicant will be expected to bring payment and the form provided by the District, designating the purpose for which a background check is needed. The criminal background checks required by State law must be performed.



Cost of the criminal background record check is determined by the Michigan State Police (MSP). The fingerprinting agency will notify the applicant of the current cost, plus any processing fee, at the time s/he is requested to submit to the criminal background check. Each request must be accompanied by a check, payable to the entity or agency, to cover the full cost of the fees.



The fingerprinting agency will capture the fingerprints and personal information and transmit the data to the MSP.



MSP will perform the check on the State data base and forward the criminal history check to the FBI, if required by statute for the position. MSP will mail the record directly to the District, not the applicant.



All information received from the criminal history check shall be kept confidential by the person(s) receiving the report and is to be shared only with the Superintendent or other persons authorized by the Superintendent to view criminal history record information ("CHRI"). If the applicant is subsequently employed, the record check shall be kept in his/her confidential file.



The Superintendent shall determine whether or not to consider disqualification of an applicant based on the records check. An applicant who has a confirmed conviction for a "listed offense" (as defined in M.C.L. 28.722) may not be employed.

Approved 1/11/18

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