Brighton Area Schools
Administrative Guidelines


In order for the District not to lose State-aid funds, each school must confirm each year by November 1st that ninety percent (90%) of the newly-enrolled students have a completed, provisional, or waivered immunization record and by February 1st that ninety-five percent (95%) have one (1) of the three (3) required records.

Principals are to use the following guidelines in addition to those provided in AG 5111.

Review of Immunization Record

As part of the enrollment procedures, the principal shall review the immunization record presented by the parent to determine whether or not the student has had all required immunizations. Any deficiency with regard to the required immunizations shall be documented on the Notice of Immunization Deficiency Form (Form 5320 F1), and a copy shall be given to the parent and a copy retained for the studentís permanent record.

Immunizations Which are Medically Contraindicated

Medical Contraindication Form 5320 F2 must be completed by a licensed physician certifying that an immunization is medically contraindicated for a specified period of time and the reasons for the medical contraindications. This will exempt a student from the specific immunization requirements for the period of time specified in the physician's statement.

The physician's statement shall be maintained by the school as part of the immunization record of the student.

Immunization Requirements

To Enter School: State law* prohibits a principal or teacher from admitting new entrants to school without a record of having received at least one (1) dose of each: Measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and hepatitis B.

To Stay in School: You must provide the school with a record showing that your child has received all of the following immunizations:


AGES 4 - 6

AGES 7 -18



4 doses DTP or DTaP, 1 dose must be on or after 4 years of age.

4 doses D and T or 3 doses Td if #1 given on or after 7 years of age. 1 dose of Tdap for children 11 through 18 years. If 5 years since the last dose of tetanus/diphtheria containing vaccine.


4 doses, if dose 3 administered on or after 4 years of age, only 3 doses are required.

3 doses.


2 doses on or after 12 months of age.

2 doses on or after 12 months of age.


3 doses are required.

3 doses are required.



1 dose for children 11-18.


2 doses of varicella vaccine at or after 12 months of age or current OR reliable history of disease.

2 doses of varicella vaccine at or after 12 months of age OR current lab immunity OR reliable history of disease.

Courtesy of the Michigan Department of Community Health

Children who have not received the required immunizations WILL BE EXCLUDED from school UNTIL parents provide proof that ALL REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS have been GIVEN, or have a waiver on file.

* Part 92, Act 368 of the Public Acts of 1978, as amended.

** Children ages 4 - 6 must have received 4 doses of pertussis. DT is only accepted if a signed waiver is on file for that particular dose of pertussis vaccine.

*** Reliable history of chickenpox disease is acceptable in lieu of the vaccine.

If the District conducts a preschool or day-care program, all children must be immunized in accordance with the regulations provided by the State Health Department.

Admission to School

Before a student can be admitted to school, the parents must present documentation that their child has received all required doses of vaccines or that their child has received at least one (1) dose of each of the required vaccines and is waiting to receive the subsequent doses at the appropriate time intervals.

Exemptions: Parent Objections

 A.A student shall be exempted from mandatory immunization if the parent objects in a written signed statement upon the grounds that the proposed immunization interferes with the free exercise of the student's religious rights. Immunization Waiver Form 5320 F3 and the written statement must be completed by the parent.

 B.This statement will be kept by the school as part of the student's immunization record.

Documents Accepted as Evidence of Immunization

The following documents will be accepted as evidence of a student's immunization history provided they comply with State requirements and contain the date when each immunization was administered: official school record from any school

 B.a record from any public health department

 C.a certificate signed by a licensed physician

If a parent cannot provide any of the above documentation, their child is not to be admitted until such documentation is provided or until the child has received at least one (1) dose of each required vaccine. Such vaccinations may be obtained from the Livingston County health department. The child may then come to school for a period of two (2) months, after which time either the documentation of previous vaccinations shall have been submitted or the child shall have received the second required doses. The child is then eligible to attend school for another two (2) months. If, at the end of that two-month period, documentation still has not been received, the child must receive the third required doses in order to remain in school.

Exemptions to the immunization requirements shall be granted only for medical, religious, or other reasons specified in the County Health Status Code.

Required Records

 A.Each school shall maintain a record of immunization for every student which shall include the date of each individual immunization.

 B.If a student transfers to another school, this record or a copy thereof shall be sent to the new school.

Report to be Sent to Local Health Department

A report of the immunization status of the students in each school shall be sent by November 1st and February 1st of each year to the local Department of Health by the principal.

Records Available for Inspection

The principal shall make immunization records available for inspection by authorized representatives of the State Department of Health or the local or County Health Departments.

A.C. 325.176 et. seq.

Revised 11/9/10