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The Board recognizes the need to define criteria for the implementation and management of school concurrency strategies to meet the obligations of the Board as required by the Interlocal Agreement for Public School Facility Planning and School Concurrency (ILA) and related legislative requirements, as amended from time-to-time.

School Concurrency Applications, Reviews, and Fees

 A.School Concurrency Application
  Any application to a local government for a development that increases residential density is potentially subject to school concurrency. Unless specifically exempted in the ILA, all such development applications shall require review by the Board through the school concurrency application process. Specific requirements shall be defined in the ILA and set forth in AP 7130.01 - School Concurrency Management Procedures. A standard School Facility Planning and Concurrency Application shall be adopted as part of the administrative procedure.

 B.School Concurrency Reviews
  The Board will review all school concurrency applications in a timely manner as defined in the ILA. AP 7130.01 - School Concurrency Management Procedures details the specific types of school concurrency applications and the related requirements for reviewing those applications.

 C.School Concurrency Review Fees
  The Board may charge developers a non-refundable application fee to meet the cost of the school concurrency review. A fee schedule that reflects the costs associated with review efforts shall be established in AP 7130.02 - School Concurrency Review Fees. The concurrency fee schedule shall be approved by the Board.

Implementation Flexibility

The Board provides to the Superintendent flexibility in the implementation of this policy due to extenuating circumstances. The Superintendent shall notify the Board of any exceptions.

F.S. 163.3177, 163.3180, 1001.41, 1001.42

Adopted 12/9/08
Revised 10/28/14

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