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To allow approved users the ability to connect to the Board network when the user is outside the District's private WAN/LAN.

Eligible Users

Board employees are eligible users of remote connectivity services upon their supervisor's approval, as well as educational technology's approval. Educational technology is limited to these services by the number of licenses available as well as security requirements by the custodians of applications that users are attempting to connect to remotely.

If other approved entities such as vendors or auditors require the use of remote connectivity, that entity is required to contact educational technology through its help desk and submit a completed Remote Connectivity Access Form (Form 7540K F1). If approved, the user will be provided with the instructions to access the network remotely for the defined period of the transaction.

Remote Connectivity Services

Depending on the client available to the remote user, the District offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a remote connectivity option.

Each option has its limitations and one may be better suited than another depending on the user and their available hardware.


Educational technology has the responsibility to:

 A.approve remote connectivity requests with acceptable justification;

 B.create approved user login and password;

 C.provide instructions to assist site technicians and/or qualified users with the setting up of remote connectivity functions which includes VPN, DialVPN on remote computers requesting access.

Please keep in mind that remote connectivity services is another method for accessing the Board's WAN/LAN network. This service is another option such as frame relay or dial-in services, it only provides the connection. Depending on the site administrator's preferences, the following is the acceptable options for providing remote connectivity services:

 A.End users shall be provided with appropriate documentation and software for the installation of remote access software.

 B.The District shall reasonably test remote access software, but assumes no liability on personal computers with the installation of remote access software.

Appropriate Use

Remote connectivity services are to be used strictly for Board approved business.

Policy Non-Compliance

Users who violate the terms of said procedure shall be denied the privilege of using Board technology and may be subject to disciplinary action, civil action, and/or criminal prosecution.

Approved 9/15/05
Revised 9/07
Revised 12/6/17

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