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Administrative Procedures


Administrative Procedures

The purpose of a computer acquisition procedure is to formalize a uniform standard for computer software acquisition throughout the District. This procedure mandates endorsement and support by the Superintendent. The computer software acquisition procedure covers all packaged computer software used by the District. Types of purchased software include the following:

 A.purchased operating system software

 B.purchased package software

 C.leased software

 D.bootlegged software

 E.pirated software

This procedure's objective is to provide acquisition uniformity for District purchased software. There will be procedure standards for proposing and recommending benchmarks, vendor selection, and contracting. Purchased software will be approved for payment after passing the qualification criteria test. The purchase of object code only software is limited to the defined purchase agreement specifications that come with the software.

Software Procedures

Each type of software will have its own software procedure requirements. These are in addition to the general procedures for all software:

 A.Purchased Packaged Operating Systems Software
  There will be standard, uniform, operating system software. All systems in operation will be licensed. The Educational Technology Department will identify the authorized operating system software (Form 7540G F1 required).

 B.Purchased Packaged Program Software
  Only approved program software is permitted. All systems in operation will be licensed. The Form 7540G F1 will be utilized to ensure software approval by the District before acquisition. Modifications will be done at the vendor’s discretion. These modifications will be provided and identified by the version number on Form 7540G F1.

 C.Leased Software
  Software is only marketed by lease arrangements. All systems in operation will be licensed. (Form 7540G F1 required)

 D.Bootlegged Software
  Bootlegged software will not be loaded on any District computer. Repeated violations of this procedure are grounds for dismissal.

 E.Pirated Software
  Pirated software will not be loaded on any District computer. Violations of procedure are grounds for dismissal.

General Inventory Management Procedure for Software

Educational Technology (ET) is responsible for providing a District-wide computer software inventory program. The Assistant Superintendent of ET is responsible for providing and maintaining this procedure. ET will develop and maintain a list of "Unauthorized" software. This list will be utilized to produce a report for site managers of any ‘Unauthorized’ software found on District network attached systems. All new software acquisitions must use the approval Form 7540G F1 Computer Software Acquisitions (Packaged-Turn Key Software). Software purchases will not be approved by the purchasing department unless this form has been completed.

All departments will comply fully with this procedure. Software that is identified by the software inventory management report as unauthorized will be flagged and given to the site manager for investigation and removal. Any software that does not meet contractual agreements will be removed by the site manager from all computers employing the software. Bootlegged and pirated software is not authorized, and will be removed by the site manager from any computer in which it is found. Any District-owned software pirated by an employee and sold will be reported to the Office of District Security and the Office of Human Resources/Labor Relations.

Purchased Package Software (Operating and Program)

This section covers the purchase and control of microcomputer software. These are nonproprietary programs. The manufacturer of the software is the owner of the source and object programs. When the operating (object) program and instructions are packaged for sale, it is to be used by one (1) computer. The purchaser of this software has limited claims to the software. Most often the software, registration card, and instructions are in a box sealed with a shrink-wrap material.

Unauthorized Software

Unauthorized software creates unnecessary risk for the District. The site manager is responsible for policing all site computers for any unauthorized software installed on District computers whether it is in use or not. Each computer and server should be checked no less than once a year. Educational Technology will provide a method to produce a report that lists all software installed on a computer noting any "unauthorized" software. All identified unauthorized software will be immediately removed by the site manager. Any serious violations will be reported to the site principal/department head and the ET department.

Two (2) reports are used for this process. These reports are available to site technicians to produce as needed to support the "Unauthorized Software" processes of the District: on all installed software on a computer (limited to one computer because of amount of data produced) on KNOWN UNAUTHORIZED software

Anti-virus Procedures

The District employs anti-virus software on every computer connected to the District network. Downloading of any Internet software without specially granted permission is absolutely prohibited. If any virus is detected on a computer, the machine will be disconnected from the network. The help desk will be notified as soon as possible. The recovery process will be done by the site technician or ET personnel.

Software Purchasing

All purchasing of new software will adhere to the Districts software acquisition procedure which includes an approval process through the Educational Technology, Purchasing and Curriculum and Instruction departments.

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