Brevard County (Florida)
Administrative Procedures


It is the policy of the District to provide professional and personal service to each customer and to each department within the District. Our goal is to provide prompt and professional human contact first. The voice mail system represents a technology capable of enhancing the professional service the District provides to its customers through the efficient processing of calls. Its use is not to replace call handling by human intervention and whenever possible, calls should be forwarded to another line to avoid over usage of voice mail. Its use is reserved solely for the purpose of providing an electronic message service. This service is intended to enhance the administration of each department without adequate administrative assistance and to provide middle and upper level managers with a message service that may be accessed twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week. Abuse of this system to avoid providing professional and personal service to each customer and department will not be tolerated.

 A.A designated point of telephone contact (POC) for each department shall be available during business hours to handle all telephone calls.

 B.Should a caller not be able to connect to a desired party, the caller shall be able to access the secretary who will return the call to the POC for disposition of the call.

 C.At the discretion of the caller, every effort should be made by the POC to locate the called party. If not available: the caller may be routed to voice mail to leave a message or may leave a message with the POC who is responsible for disposition of the message.

 D.Use of voice mail shall be monitored within each department. Indications that the voice mail system is being used to avoid human intervention or that messages are not answered promptly, shall result in the removal of voice mail service.

 E.It is the responsibility of each department to become totally familiar with this policy.