Brevard County (Florida)
Administrative Procedures


The District will allow staff members to access District technology and the Network/Internet through the use of home computers in accordance with the following procedures:

 A.The District access availability time will be unlimited with the exception of scheduled maintenance.

 B.The District will not provide on-site support; help desk support is limited to normal operating hours.

 C.The District will provide log-on instructions.

 D.Access is available at no charge.

 E.The District will not be responsible for:

  1.any virus that a home-user may obtain while accessing the Network/Internet through District technology;

  2.any content that a home-user may access through the Network/Internet;

  3.any copyright violations that may be incurred while accessing the Network/Internet through District technology;

  4.loss of or damage to any equipment of the home-user.

 F.The District will not allow a home-user to establish personal e-mail accounts through District technology.

 G.The user will follow all District Acceptable Use policies and Internet/e-mail policies for staff, i.e., home, or out of office use should be as if the laptop was still at the District.
  AP 7540.04
  AP 7540.05

 H.Confidential data, to include student records, any finance data, HR data, SSN's, must be protected at all times to prevent the unauthorized modification, disclosure, or destruction. (i.e., Encryption and strict use of access controls to include: family members or friends do not have the right to log on to this device at anytime for any reason.) (i.e., home, or out of office use should be as if the laptop was still at the District.)

 I.Personal laptops or other non-approved servers, computers, are not allowed to be connected to the District network without change management approval as they increase the risk of a security incident. (i.e., They must have approved OS (no Win 95/98, Unix, Linus). The OS must be patched to prevent the latest threats. The approved anti-virus must be installed and have the latest signatures. Finally, any home PC, USB device, or Ipod can come into our environment with any number of unknown issues, some of which include: spyware, worms, Trojans, key loggers, botnets, peer to peer file sharing software, pornography, or any other illegal or unlicensed software. These items if not carefully controlled, will circumvent the many enterprise wide and costly protection mechanisms that have been put in place to protect our data and information systems.

The Assistant Superintendent of Information Systems Services is responsible for creating an Authorized Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy which clearly states that when a person uses District technology to create a web site or page which is hosted on District servers, s/he acknowledges that the District is entitled to any and all proprietary rights related to said web site and/or pages.

Revised 2/15/07