Brevard County (Florida)
Administrative Procedures



The purpose of this procedure is to assign responsibility and provide procedures related to the use of District web services.

The Superintendent or designee is responsible for providing policy and procedural guidance for establishing, operating, and maintaining the Board's web services. The considerable benefits gained from (web services) which include blogs and other global communications that serve to convey and process information must be balanced by responsible use and security of these systems and how the content is managed on them to reduce liability to the District and exposure of inappropriate materials to students. Each user is personally responsible for protecting and properly using these systems.

Additionally, educators are encouraged to use blogs to:

 A.promote the School District and the education profession as a critical and successful community institution;

 B.establish productive communication between the classroom and home by providing ongoing information about instructional goals, expectations, policies, and requests for support;

 C.provide students with information that will help them be successful learners.

Utilization of web services by District employees is encouraged for Board business. Teacher bloggers will not use their blogs to:

 A.conduct or promote outside business activities;

 B.promote or advertise for commercial products unrelated or related to instruction;

 C.defame or cause defamation of the character of any individual, organization, or institution;

 D.divulge any personal information about students or jeopardize their safety in any other way;

 E.participate in any other activities that is in direct conflict with the student or staff AUP or any other applicable District policies intended to protect data, students, and reduce liability to the District.

Global Communications (GC) User Procedures

Global communications are alternative forms of electronic communications that are not e-mail. This includes list servers, blogs, discussion groups, chat rooms, etc.

Utilization of GC services is encouraged for employees that distribute e-mail on a regular schedule to a specific group of people. Only approved GC servers shall be supported by educational technology.

The following is a list of GC requirements:

 A.GC services are for official use only.

 B.Only Board employees shall act as GC administrators.

 C.All GC services shall be moderated by the GC administrator.

 D.Employees wishing to become GC administrators must have their principal/supervisor assign them accordingly. The principal/supervisor will contact the help desk to create service request assigning the person. Information needed are the name of the GC service (e.g., list, blog, discussion group) and the person authorized to administer the service.

 E.Guest feature is to be turned off.

 F.Posting from non-members is to be rejected.

 G.The news group function is to be disabled.

 H.Disable the allow visitors functions to be able to read archives.

 I.Non-members are not allowed to view any information (except for blogs).

 J.All messages that are processed through a GC are public records and can be viewed through the public records request process.

 K.The GC must be configure as follows:

  1.GC's open to the public must be moderated.

  2.The owner of a GC session shall monitor the session and ensure proper decorum.

Approved 9/07