Brevard County (Florida)
Administrative Procedures


The passwords used for access to the school's or Board domain or access to the District's centralized database systems should remain private with the specific user. This does not mean that access to the user's account is limited nor guarantee confidentiality to the owner. The site administrator (e.g., principal/department head) has the ability to request a password reset for their employees.

Board network domain resets can be conducted by local site technologists. Passwords are not to be registered.

District centralized application systems resets for security or audit purposes must be conducted by a request from the site administrator (principal/department head) through the Office of Educational Technology Help Desk. Requests for password resets by password owners may be done at any time through the Office of Educational Technology Help Desk. Passwords are not to be registered.

School/Site based applications registration of passwords is at the discretion of the site administrator. E-mail is not a secure method of registration.

The District has purchased and implement a password reset tool that allows users to reset their own passwords, this was done to expedite the sometimes high volume of request for password resets.

This tool is to only be used by the user of the password being reset, under no circumstances is this tool to be used to gain access to another users account.

To enable your account or reset your password visit

Approved 7/20/04
Revised 9/07