Brevard County (Florida)
Administrative Procedures


The District recognizes that a cell phone, in some cases, may aid an employee in their employment as well as benefit an employee’s department. Each department is responsible for determining when an employee needs to conduct business using a cell phone in order to fulfill job responsibilities.

The District’s exemption from Federal excise tax presumes that cell phone use is intended for business and not personal use. Therefore, cell phone purchases and contracts, where the District is the official billing entity, should be approved only for those situations where the District intends for the phone to be used for District business entirely, with the exceptions of emergency use.

The Office of Financial Services must approve all cellular phone purchases and contracts, where the District is the official billing entity. Cellular phone contracts should be selected to reflect the level of business use. For example, when an employee’s business use will average sixty (60) minutes per month, a sixty (60) minute per month contract should be selected. Cellular billing should be monitored monthly to confirm District vs. personal usage. Contracts should be reviewed on an annual basis and adjusted, as necessary, to reflect the average business use. If an employee, for emergency purposes, makes a personal call that results in additional charges to the District, the employee is required to reimburse the District by check for the related charges.

Routine calls home during the commute between work and home are considered personal calls.

The District discourages use of a cellular phone when a desktop phone could be used, due to the reduction of service minutes otherwise available for District business and unnecessary costs to the District.

The principles of this procedure are applicable to pagers and as well as cellular phones.