Brevard County (Florida)
Administrative Procedures



This procedure outlines the process for developing the Districtís annual Student Accommodation Plan.


 A.Student Accommodation Plan (SAP):
  The SAP is a planning tool that compares projected student enrollment to projected school capacities for the next school year. The SAP is prepared by the Facility Management Services Department every spring and approved by the Board prior to the summer break. After the SAP approved, it is implemented throughout the District.

  The Florida Inventory of School Houses (FISH) is the database used by the Department of Education for all spaces in Florida public educational facilities. FISH capacity is the number of students that may be housed in a facility at any given time, based upon the number of existing satisfactory student stations multiplied by a Utilization Factor. The FISH system includes both permanent student stations and relocatable student stations.


Facilities Servicesí Director of Planning and Project Management.


Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Services; Superintendent; Brevard County Board.


  Facilities Services Planning is the lead department in the creation of the SAP. Area Superintendents and School Principals, Financial Services and Transportation Services play an important role in the development of the SAP.

 B.SAP Information Request and Task Milestone Schedule:
  Facilities Services Planning will develop and publish an SAP Information Request Letter and Task Milestone Schedule to initiate the annual SAP planning cycle. The letter and schedule is distributed to the Area Superintendents and all applicable educational program managers.

 C.Data Used in the Development of the SAP:

  1.Estimated School Space Needs: Area Superintendents and educational program managers will respond to the Information Request letter by estimating their need for space to accommodate students for the following year based on membership projections, program needs and legislative requirements (e.g., Class Size maximums).
   Principals submit forms for the use of relocatable classrooms to their Area Superintendents for approval and submission to Facilities Services Planning. The forms document the need for additional relocatable classrooms, the continued use of existing relocatable classrooms or notification that one or more relocatable classrooms are no longer needed.

  2.Policy 7120: This policy restricts the enrollment of students at schools that do not serve the area in which they reside; students are not permitted to leave schools with low utilization and are not permitted to enter a school with high utilization. Additionally, Area Superintendents and the Director of School Choice can collaborate to "freeze" other schools to out-going or incoming out-of-area students based on Class Size restrictions or other factors that are considered to be in the best interest of the School District.

  3.Student Membership Count: Financial Services collects the Fall student membership count in October, which is used as the "official" student membership for the School District for that school year.

  4.Student Membership Projections: In November of each year, Transportation Services, in collaboration with Financial Services, Human Resources, Instruction and Curriculum and Area Superintendents, provides student membership projections for the next five (5) school years.

  5.Florida Inventory School Houses (FISH): The SAP uses the student capacity data, both permanent and relocatable, contained in the FISH data base in January of each year.

 D.SAP Development and Approval:

  1.Facilities Services Planning will take the estimated school space needs, out-of area restrictions, current-year student membership count, student membership projections and FISH data and create the SAP draft.

  2.Facilities Services Planning will distribute the SAP draft to the Area superintendents and educational program managers for review.

  3.Area superintendents and educational program managers will provide comments and recommendations to Facilities Services Planning.

  4.Facilities Services Planning will evaluate the comments and recommendations and consult with Area superintendents and educational program managers to modify the SAP.

  5.Facilities Services Planning will create the final draft SAP.

  6.Facilities Services Planning will provide the Superintendent with the final draft SAP for review and approval.

  7.Facilities Services Planning will modify the SAP as necessary to incorporate the Superintendentís recommendations.

  8.Facilities Services Planning will prepare an Agenda Item for approval of the SAP by the Board.

  9.Brevard County Board will review and approve, or request modifications and approve, the SAP.

  10.Facilities Services Planning will print and distribute copies of the approved SAP to Board members, the Superintendent, appropriate Senior Staff members, educational project managers, the Customer Service Center and the Board representatives to local government Planning and Zoning Boards.

Facilities Services Planning will post the approved SAP on the Planning & Project Management page of the School Districtís website.

Approved 10/3/11

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