Brevard County (Florida)
Administrative Procedures
Table of Contents

7100Student Accommodation Plan Procedure
7110Student Attendance Boundary Change Procedure
7110aSchool Closure Procedure
7110bSchool Closure Analysis Procedure
7130.01School Concurrency Management Procedures
7130.02School Concurrency Review Fees
7217Weapon Situation - Incident - Student/Employee with a Gun - Displayed
7300Acquisition or Disposition of Property
7310Acquisition or Disposition of Property
7320Acquisition or Disposition of Property
7440Buildings and Grounds Security
7440aSchool Buildings Emergencies
7510Use of District Facilities
7511Media Broadcast of Student Athletic Competitions
7530.01Cellular Phones
7540aComputer Technology and Networks
7540bAt-Home Access to District Technology
7540cPersonal Use of District Technology
7540dComputer Software Development (District Developed or Proprietary)
7540eVoice Mail
7540fComputer Hardware Acquisitions
7540gComputer Software Acquisitions (Packaged-Turn Key Software)
7540kRemote Connectivity Access Procedure
7540nWireless Security Access Procedure
7540.01Technology Privacy
7540.02Web-Page Specifications
7540.03Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
7540.04Staff Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
7540.05Electronic Mail Procedures
7540.08Mobile Computing Device Assignment and Use Procedure
7540.09District IT Incident Response Procedure
7540.10District Web Services Procedure
7540.11Electronic Data Confidentiality Procedures
7540.12Network Access from Personally-Owned Computers or Other Web-Enabled Devices
7540.13Utilization of the District's Website Procedure