Ashtabula County Technical and Career Center
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

5110Student Handbooks
5130Withdrawal from School
5230Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
5330Use of Medications
5330aBee-Sting Medication
5340Student Accident/Illness
5340dTransportation for Student Emergencies
5341Safety Program
5350Suicide Intervention Process
5410Retention in Program
5420aReporting Student Progress
5420bParent-Teacher Conferences
5451Recognition of Student Achievement
5500Student Conduct in School
5511Dress and Grooming
5513Care of Property
5530Symptoms of Overdose with Drugs
5600Student Discipline
5610Suspension and Expulsion
5610.01Permanent Exclusion
5610.02In-School Restriction
5630bUse of Physical Force
5723Student Rights of Expression
5771Search and Seizure
5780Adult Student Rights
5830Student Fund Raising
5840aUnauthorized Youth Organizations (Youth Gangs)
5840bResponse to Gang-Related Incidents and/or Suspicion of Gang Involvement
5850Student Social Events