Ashtabula County Technical and Career Center
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

2000 - PROGRAM
2110District Philosophy and Objectives for Vocational Education
2111The Satellite Program
2113District Philosophy for Adult Education
2114District Objectives for Preschool/Child-Care Program
2131Characteristics of an Effective Statement of Educational Outcomes
2210aAdvisory Council/Committees
2210cCurriculum Development
2210dCancellation of a Program
2231Guidelines for Planning Effective Learning Activities
2240Controversial Issues in the Classroom
2240bAlternative Learning Activities for Opt-Out Students
2260Access to Equal Educational Opportunity
2260aFederal Regulations for Section 504
2260bGrievance Procedures for Nondiscrimination
2260dNotice of Nondiscrimination
2260eState Provided Guidelines for Students with ADD/ADHD
2270Religion in the Curriculum
2271Postsecondary Enrollment Programs
2340aField Trips
2340bOvernight Trips (District-Sponsored)
2340eTrip Leader Responsibilities
2411Guidance and Counseling
2421Assignment of Student to Classes
2421.01Students as Trainees
2430Vocational Clubs Policy and Purpose Statements
2460Special Education
2510Selection of Texts
2520bResource Speakers
2531Copyrighted Materials
2605Evaluation of Program
2623aStudent Testing Program
2623bSecurity Provisions for State Proficiency Tests
2623cParticipation of Students with Disabling Conditions in the Ability/Achievement Testing Program