School Board of Charlotte County
Bylaws & Policies
Table of Contents

8141Mandatory Reporting of Misconduct by Employees
8205Year-Round School
8210School Calendar
8300Continuity of Organizational Operations Plan
8305Information Security
8310Public Records
8311School Bus Video Systems
8330Student Records
8350.01Limited Use of Social Security Numbers and Other Personally Identifiable Information
8390Animals on District Property
8400Environmental Health and Safety
8405School Safety and Security
8406Reports of Suspicious Activity and Potential Threats to Schools
8407Safe-School Officers
8410Crisis Event Intervention and Response
8410.01Critical Incident Response
8415Emergency and Crisis Management
8420Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Emergency Response Agencies
8431Preparedness for Toxic or Hazardous Materials
8450Control of Casual-Contact Communicable Diseases
8453HIV, AIDS, and Other Direct Contact Communicable Diseases
8453.01Control of Bloodborne Pathogens
8462Student Abuse, Abandonment, and Neglect
8470Community Notification of Registered Sexual Predators/Sex Offenders
8475Criminal Background Checks for Employment and Access
8500Food Service Program
8540Vending Machines
8550Competitive Food Sales
8600.02Seat Belts
8600.04Bus Driver Certification
8606Use of Wireless Communication Devices (WCDs) by District School Bus Operators
8610Transportation Route Planning
8625Ban on Texting While Driving
8640Transportation for Field and Other District-Sponsored Trips
8651Use of District Vehicles
8660Transportation by Private Vehicle
8670School Bus and District Vehicle Maintenance Program
8670.01School Bus Replacement
8800Religious/Patriotic Ceremonies and Observances
8805Model Policy on Religious Expression in Public Schools
8810The American Flag